Sunday, June 24, 2007

Taylor, Kayce and Axel's First Blog

We finally enter the 21st century. I know you all thought it would never happen, but I really am going to try to be better about taking pictures and keeping in touch. This will be a major feat considering between Taylor and me, we have the world's worst track record for this here goes!

Axel is really, really into trains right now. He wakes up every morning saying choo choo, but it sounds more like too too. He wants to watch his Thomas the Train DVD constantly! So, we took him to this place called Travel Town with real steam engines that kids can climb around in. He absolutely loved it.

Since the day Axel was born he has absolutely refused to wear anything on his head. This has been a source of frustration from time to time especially on cold winter days in Boston. A few weeks ago, on a sunny 80 degree day in LA, Axel decided that he wanted to wear his winter hat. He also wanted to wear one sandal and one tennis shoe and go out for a walk. So we did.