Monday, October 1, 2007

Axel's Birthday, Buddhist Wedding, Louisa happy baby

Axel's Birthday

So we have had another crazy month. Axel turned two. For our Thomas the train obsessed kid, we decided to take him to this big model train store to see the trains and get him a starter train set. They had one set up in the store which he played with for about an hour. Although, I don't know if you can really call it playing because for Axel, it was very intense. He did not take his eyes of the train table for one second.

After buying his train set, which he was oblivious to, we had to leave and Axel threw a tantrum to rival all tantrums. We felt like great parents taking him to the top of the mountain and them marching him back down on his birthday. Then he noticed the train set in the bag and begged to see it, so we had to let him hold Annie and Clarabel (Thomas's coaches) in the car. Later at home, more crying as he watched us wrap up his precious trains. When he finally got to open them he became so obsessed with playing with his train set that we could not get him to eat a cupcake, and he really likes cupcakes. I think it ended up being a pretty good birthday for him, although a bit traumatic.

Since then the train set has become a bit of a curse. He really really likes someone to play with him, and when you play trains with him, they have to be moving all the time. If you stop for one second, he says "push it" over and over again until you start pushing the trains again.

Buddhist Wedding

Last weekend we drove to San Francisco to attend Taylor's cousin Sarah's wedding. She is a Zen Buddhist, and lives in a Buddhist community called Green Gulch. Her husband is a Buddhist monk, and they live in a cute little house there. They wedding was very beautiful; we really enjoyed learning more about Buddhism, and meeting the nice people at Green Gulch. A highlight was watching Axel get down with the monks in the yurt after the wedding. The monks could really get down, and so can Axel. I also found it pretty amusing when Grandma Pat told several people that I was dancing in the yurt with the monks without Taylor--I wasn't, it was just another woman wearing green--but everyone was scandalized nonetheless. Thankfully it was all straightened out when I showed up and she realized it was not me.

Louisa Happy Baby

Louisa is now two months old, and she is a sweetheart--and a talker with red hair! Never in my life did I imagine I could have a red haired child. It's too soon to know what her real hair will be, but for now it looks suspiciously reddish. When Louisa is in a good mood, which she typically is, she will look you straight in eye and tell you all sorts of things. She coo's and squeals and says, ahm over and over again. It has been amazing to watch her personality emerge. I find her very engaging for such a young thing. She really seems to have something to say.