Thursday, November 1, 2007


We had a very fun Halloween night, in spite of near disaster. At 6:30pm the costumes STILL had not arrived. I was very upset, but willing to press on with the back-ups (frog and skunk). Literally right before we were going to leave the UPS man buzzed. I was so excited I jumped into the elevator and scared the UPS man as he was coming out.

We took Axel and Louisa trick-or-treating in a nearby neighborhood where some friends live. He was very into the idea of getting candy, I had rehearsed the whole scenario with him several times. "First you knock, then you say trick-or treat, they give you candy, then you say thank you." I think he just heard, "they give you candy."

At first he was shy with the trick-or-treat, but then he started saying "teat" (treat) and "day doo" (thank you). We also rehearsed how to be Darth Vader. He got down the "whoooo, heeeee" somewhat, although it was more like just heavy breathing, but still people got it. It was pretty exciting for Axel to realize that you really do get to run from house to house getting candy, and I loved watching him figure out that Halloween is the coolest holiday there is. Louisa was of course a hit. Who doesn't love a three-month-old dressed as a hot dog? When we got home Taylor promptly hid the candy, which Axel had already had several pieces of. I was worried that the candy bag was going to become a major issue but he seems to have already forgotten about it. Yes! More for me. I love Halloween.