Sunday, February 10, 2008

Louisa is the queen of smiling babies

It is ridiculously easy to get a good picture of her. She looks up, smiles a big open mouthed smile, and stays in that adorable position for long enough even for our camera to capture the moment. This was taken at the zoo yesterday. Love that toothless grin.

And she does this all the time....."Look at me, I am a smily happy baby!"
Which is why I just can't resist taking pictures of her.

This was taken on her 6 month birthday. 6 months old! Can you believe it? She is growing up too fast.
This was taken last weekend, she was really into sticking her tongue out that day.

The after-the-bath photo. Once again, she graced us with a grin at just the right moment.

She very often smiles just like this--big open mouth. Sometimes I wonder if I do this and she is imitating me...
Along with the big smile Louisa also is into loud squeals and high-pitched screams. I love her form of communication, but her glass-shattering screams are not always appropriate in public. Especially during church. But I am not one to squash her joy, so scream away Lulu while you are still a baby and can get away with it!

This is as good as a photo of Axel gets. He is facing forward, you can see what color his eyes are, and he's not moving and making the picture blurry. Yes, the best recent picture of Axel that we could find is the one where he's wearing the diaper on the outside of his pajamas.

We're not great bloggers, and part of the reason for that is that we're not good picture-takers. Neither Kayce nor Taylor particularly likes taking pictures, which we both hope is the primary grievance of our children as they grow up (because some grievances can be so much worse!). Add our tendency to be lousy picture-takers to Axel's inability to sit still for 2 seconds even when bribed and threatened and you've laid out the prime conditions for a dearth of scrapbooking and blogging in the Mammen-Sybrowsky household. So we thought we'd present some evidence of the challenges we face.

Exhibit 1. Axel was probably facing forward when the camera started the laborious process of taking a photo with a flash, but by the time it finally took the picture, he was moving on to new and better things.
Exhibit 2. Not even a kangaroo can keep his attention for long enough to sit through a 2-second picture.
Exhibit 3. Axel wanted to stick his head in the hole so badly he was on the verge of a temper tantrum as we waited our turn. But once we got there, he only had time in his schedule for one picture -- despite the fact that the one chance caught him with his eyes shut.
Exhibit 4. "Too slow, Dad!"

Exhibit 5. In the end, though, can we really compete with this bamboo railing, even when we're jumping and dancing and screaming in the background?

Exhibit 6. Someday, perhaps, we'll have a nice family photo without any upside down participants (with Taylor's Grandma Pat, at Pat Nofrey's memorial service in Aptos, CA).
Exhibit 7. Busy, busy.
Exhibit 8. "Axel, Axel, hi! Smile at the camera! Look up! Hey, hey, Axel! Thomas says 'Toot, toot!' Axel!"