Sunday, March 16, 2008

Axel and Lulu: Budding buddies

One of my favorite things about being mom these days are those rare but precious moments when Axel and Louisa truly engage each other, even if only for a short time. One of these moments occured a few weeks ago when Lulu was in her bed (still sleeping in a pack n' play because we are too chicken to move Axel to a big bed) and Axel wanted to get her toys. So he started filling her bed up with toys and then wanted to get in with her. I probably should have said no for safety reasons but I didn't want to squash his desire to play with her so I gave in. Louisa thought it was so funny that he was in there acting all crazy as Axel will do, she was laughing up a storm. So cute. I just love those moments when they seem to have an inside joke and just start laughing together. No one can make Louisa laugh better than Axel. But all this is the exception to the normal constant competition for my attention-and for the toys. Mostly Axel wants to make sure Lulu doesn't touch any toys. We have a rule that he has to get her something else to play with if he wants what she has. So he will look around for the thing he is least likely to want. The other day her got her the toy basket. Thanks are a great sharer.

A few weeks ago we visited the tide pools at Little Corona in OC. It was a pretty successful family event, which is hard to come by. Axel really loved discovering all the new sea animals, but at one point seemed to get a little freaked out when he realized that all these crazy things we were pointing out to him (star fish, mussles, sea anemones) were all alive.