Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Desert Excursion

Last Saturday we decided to be brave and take the kids on a day trip out to Joshua Tree National Park. It is about 2 hours outside LA, so we left early in the morning with hopes of fun filled day in the desert. To get there you have to drive past an enormous windmill farm. When we first pointed out the windmills to Axel he was pretty excited and kept saying, "windmill," "windmill!" And then it became, "more windmill," "more windmill!" For about 45 minutes he continued to be amazed at the "more windmill" and also continued to express his amazment over and over and over again.
Things were going pretty well until we got to a very small town outside the park and tried to find some lunch. It was then we discovered that Axel had a serious case of the runs, that we only had 4 diapers for him, and that he had completely soiled his only pair of clothes. Luckily we managed to find a small JC Penny and bought the lovely outfit pictured above, which is now Axel's favorite.

We had a wonderful time hiking in the desert, everything was in bloom, which was amazing. In the above picture we are standing in front of an actual Joshua Tree ( not really a tree but a plant that looks like a tree).

Axel insisted on hiking himself and refused to get into the backpack. In spite of several falls he maintained a cheerful attitude and we were pretty impressed that he completed the mile hike on his own.

I know it looks hot in the pictures, but it was actually quite cool and windy-hence the fleece. All that hiking was just too tiring for Lulu. Luckily she has no problem falling asleep while strapped to the front of me.

You may have noticed a pattern of pictures with Taylor in trees or on top of rocks with Axel. You may have wondered how he managed to get up there with him. Just for the record, yes, I was on the ground wincing as they clamored up, and no, it was not my idea.

After our day of hiking we were all pretty ready to hit the road. We knew it was really time to go when Axel had his fourth poopy diaper and we were officially out of diapers. The poor kid had to sit in it until we could get back to civilization, which turned out to be longer than we thought. We finally came to a town that looked like it would have a place to eat. Exhausted and starving we pulled into an Applebee's parking lot when Axel started chanting App-le-bee's, App-le-bee's. It was then we remebered-we need diapers!
I am happy to report that Axel has since survived his diaper rash, sunburn, and scraped knees. Lulu has survived her sunburn as well, but we are definitely rethinking our ability to take road trips with kids. We are still learning as Grandpa Bill said, "road trips with kids are like military campaigns, you need a supply line and an exit strategy." We clearly had neither.


We had a wonderful Easter this year, celebrating it with Louisa for the first time, and with Axel for the first time he could start to understand it. We tried to keep tradition with Easter baskets, coloring eggs, etc. but I'm afraid we have ruined our kids chances of believing in the Easter Bunny. Taylor I'm sure is thrilled about this, in fact, I suspect it may have been his plan all along to sabotage the Easter basket surprise.
Saturday night we colored Easter eggs, which Axel was pretty excited about. I don't think it had occured to him before that sometimes you can color on your food, and then eat it! A pretty great concept. He proved to be just as excited about the eating part as the coloring the next week when he downed four eggs in one sitting. Didn't have to worry about his protien intake that day.

After church I attempted to get some picture of the kids in their cute Easter clothes (thanks Grandma Kay!) I was surprised to actually get a few with both of them in the same picture!

Louisa is, of course, always happy to oblige with a smile.

After church I put together the Easter baskets ( I hope no kids will read this). But before I could go hide them for the kids (really just Axel) to find, somehow Axel found them in our room. Who else do you think was in the room at the time? Yes, Taylor. Somehow Axel just "happened" to find the Easter baskets while Taylor was there watching. He may have won this battle, but I'm on the offensive now when it comes to Santa!
So , sadly, the kids enjoyed their Easter candy without the magical notion that a big, big pink bunny with long front teeth, mysteriously entered our apartment and hopped around hiding baskets full of eggs.