Thursday, May 1, 2008

April and Axel (mostly)

I have been meaning for some time to write about all the funny things Axel says. It is hard to keep up because he says funny things all day long. I love that Axel is able to communicate well enough now that I can know what he is thinking pretty much all the time. He really is his own little man these days--and he lets me know it!

Here are some classic Axel-isms:

-Axel often puts a "T" on the end of random words like "come on-t." He says come on-t a lot, I'm sure it has nothing to do with me telling him to "come on!" all the time.

-Axel is always listening for sounds and saying "what noise mommy?" with his hand over his ear. He gets especially excited if it is a garbage truck so he can run over to the window watch it.

-I just love the way says pig (cig) and the noise it makes (noink, noink)!

-Axel also loves to talk about his emotions. The other day at the grocery store we were walking down the aisle and he said, "I so sad mommy, I so sad." Later in the car he told me he "I so happy mommy, I so happy!" He also often tells me he is "so excited!"

-He is very proud of his accomplishments and often comes running up to me saying "I did it mommy, I did it!"

-Axel LOVES to sing. He sings all the time, and when we are driving in the car he wants me to sing constantly. As soon as we finish a song its, "what next song mommy, what next song?" Some of his favorite songs are Book of Mormon Stories, ABC's, and the Snow, Snow, Snow song from Thomas's Ultimate Christmas DVD.

-Axel has made up some of his own phrases. Instead of saying "Oh, there it is" he just says "oh les!"

Axel is really into puzzles these days. I recently discovered that he is much better at puzzles that I realized, so I bought him a 50 piece jigsaw puzzle just to see if he could to it-he can.

Axel's gym class has been a source of joy in his little life the past few months. He gets to ride on the parachute "choo choo train."

Climb to the top of the bars.

Jump on the trampoline.

Swing on the rings.

Play in the foam "cheese."

And at the end he gets a sticker! What more could a little boy ask for?

Axel and Lulu have been enjoying the fun of having another kid in the bath recently. I love seeing Lulu laugh hysterically at Axel making the duck fall off the shelf. He actually wants to take baths just so he can "make Lulu laugh mommy, make Lulu laugh!"

Lulu is quite the splasher.

She does occasionally get her own fun, not just watching Axel. But Axel is sure to get "his turn" whatever it is.

This is the April part.....So our favorite new place to hike is Malibut State Creek Park. It is amazingly beautiful.
There is a wonderful little lake at the top. We stopped to rest and hang out by the water.

Tried to get us all looking...but that Axel.

I jsut love this picture.

Taylor got Axel a hormonica on one of his last trips.....the rest is self-explanatory.