Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Axel's 3rd Birthday Extravaganza

Yesterday Axel turned 3 years old! I Can't believe I have a 3 year old. The baby days are officially gone. On to childhood full steam ahead. I'm not sure I am ready for this...

For Axel's party we rented out an old dining car at Travel Town (a place in Griffith Park where old trains are parked for kids to play on). This was an obvious choice since Axel loves Travel Town and all things train. It was a Thomas-themed event, of course, because two years later Axel is still really into Thomas. The party had a lot to live up to since Axel has been very much anticipating this day for several months, which in a 3 year old's life is the equivalent of several years. At first he seemed very nonchalant about the whole thing but once his friends started showing up and he realized this was the real deal he was pretty darn excited.

The birthday boy......taking it all in.


The kids always love watermelon!

Very excited about something here....

The whole gang...

We took all the kids on a train ride, which was a big hit. There were tantrums when it was over. When Taylor bought the tickets he let them know it was for a birthday so as the train was starting off the conductor announced that it was Axel's birthday. He was so embarassed his face turned bright red! So cute.

Enjoying the train ride.

Lulu had a pretty good time too. Her favorite part of the party was playing with Bilbo, our friend's little dog. She is such a dog lover, it is so funny. She goes nuts and starts waving her arms and laughing whenver she sees a dog.

As Axel likes to tell everyone, "it's a diesel engine!"

The train conductor....doesn't he just look like the perfect conductor?

And finally, blowing out the candles. We certainly set the expectations way too high after this birthday party, but oh well, you only turn three once. By the end of it all we were exhausted, and I was particulary suffering from birthday fatigue, since I had been preparing for it all week. But it was worth it to see that smile!