Sunday, November 9, 2008

October: Marathon, Hawaii, Halloween

Looking back on the month of October, I realize that it really has been great. Lots of very memorable experiences. First, I ran my first marathon in St. George. It was a really amazing experience. My sister Reghan and I crossed the finish line together after 4hrs 29 minutes. My dad finished after us, and poor Lauren had to take the bus back after serious stomach ailments kept her from finishing. I really never hit the wall and felt pretty good in spite of the pouring, freezing rain and blowing wind the entire race. We were not expecting that, so it was definitely something to contend with both physically and mentally, I felt that I was just running to get out of the rain as soon as possible.
It was an incredible thing to complete my goal, finish the race, and to share the experience with loved ones. I really felt that I had overcome a lot just to get to the race day whole. Most notably; an injury a couple of weeks before the race that kept me from being able to run, a viris the week before the race, and my entire body breaking out in a terrible rash the night before the race, which kept me up with worry for most of the night so I got very little sleep. I don't know if another marathon is in my near future, but in spite of all that I did have a great experience and would love to do another one!

The runners,after the race. You probably can't tell how completely soaked we are.

The whole gang. It was such a thrill to see everyone after the race because I had looked forward to it for what seemed an agonzingly long time.

Sisters, sisters.
Dad and the girls at Brock's parents house after the race. It was wonderful to spend some down time with the family after the race.

Taylor and I also went to Hawaii in October. Taylor was there for work and I was able to join him for a long weekend while Taylor's parents watched the kids--thanks Bill and Kay! We stayed on Oahu on the North Shore and the Turtle Bay resort which was so beautiful. Turtle bay is named well because it does have a beautiful natural bay with sea turtles. We did actually swim with the turtles which was rather surreal. The picture below is a secluded beach we walked to from the hotel.

On Sturday unfortunately it rained all day, but we decided to go ahead with our plans to hike to a waterfall. It turned into quite an adventure as the river we had to cross continued to swell with the rain. We had to wade through waist deep fast flowing water at several points, and were completely covered in mud by the end. We felt like adventurers marching through the jungle, and although it may have been more pleasant on a sunny day, it would not have been as memorable.
Sunday we went to church and visited the beautiful Temple.

Don't you love all the pictures we have where Taylor is holding the camera in front of us?Someday I will have to do a blog of all the pictures we have of us like that. For some reason, they seem to turn out best.
Some kind soul finally offered to take a picture for us.

Sunday night we stayed in Ko Olina. It was also lovely, I especially loved our room which had a huge balcony and amazing view of the ocean. Here we are at the resort enjoing one last evening in paradise before shipping back to reality.

The balcony and view.

Switching gears again, Halloween, my favorite holiday. Although I have to say that one of the main reasons I love Halloween is because it is in the fall, and I love fall. But in LA, there is no fall. Every day is exactly the same, 80 and sunny. I'm not complaining, I love it, really, but the holidays just have a different feeling about them. It was actually really hot that day and the kids were all sweating in their costumes. But they sure looked cute anyway. I took the kids to a little community halloween festival, which was lots of fun.

Lulu the new walker took to the streets in her pumpkin costume. It was nice for her to have some extra padding for all of those falls.

Axel fell asleep in the car on the way to the festival and woke up quite cranky in spite of being Thomas the Tank Engine. His mood is reflected well in this picture.

The big jumping house really helped to thaw him out. Nothing better that jumping around in a big house with other dinosaurs, fairies and tigers.

Poor little pumpkin keeps falling down.

That night we went to the ward trunk-or-treat where Axel got to fill his Thomas candy bucket, which, incidentally, he has eaten every last piece of in the last two days while working the potty-training system. He has figured out how to go potty on demand for candy about 30x a day, it has worked out pretty well for him so far, but I am coming up with a new system that hopefully will preserve both the incentive to go potty and his oral health.

Daddy and pumpkin.

Back at home we tried to get a good picture me me with the kids, and honestly after several tries, this really was the best one.